Sunday, 25 September 2011


Thursdays Show Download no tracklist for mash up you'll have to do ya research lol good luck ;-)

1. Mixmaster Craig Walker Mirage & Deejay Scratchdawg -Bangers n' Facking Mash (Various Mixed Nutz)

2. Di Namic -2 Kool 4 Skool ( Various Electro Mix) 
CeeOnic-Sound In Your Ear
Debonaire-Dont Wanna Get Down (Redemption Beats)
Dagobert-Astronauten Weltenraum (Original Mix)
N Fecto-2 Days Ago
CeeOnic-Party Jam
Dynamik Bass System-Dont Stop Compute (Alternative Mix)
Dynamik Bsss System-Nano Machines Technology
Aux 88-Electronic Robots (DBS Remix)
Mike Ash-Back To The Oldskool
DJ Hash-Old School
Freak Force Crew-Gimmie That Bass (Original Mix)
Seek 2012 -Hunab Ku (DBS Remix)
Hardfloor ERP-4th Dimension Of The 5th Ward (DBS Remix)
Bruno Binary-Bionic Control
Helliopause-Destination Planet Earth
Robert Cosmic-Rare Objects
Direct Control-Shadow Of Time
Dynamik Bass System-Arabian Dreams (Instrumental)
Kalson-Astronauten Weltenraum (Remix)
Sace 2-Hydra (Destination)
Invisible Rockers Crew-Crater (Galaxy Rock Edit)
Beat Crush Crew-Don't Stop That Sound
Arabian Prince aka Professor x-1 Million Freaks
CeeOnic-Get Freaky
Debonaire-Rock The Funky Beats
Debonaire-16 Little Buttons

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